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By far, Field Day is our largest planned club activity every year

Field Day is a competitive event designed to simulate an emergency situation where Amateur Radio operators, commonly known as hams, set up radio equipment in the field to compete for score, to test the readiness of Amateur Radio Emergency Communications, and a chance to meet new friends and test the limits of our hobby. The Boeing Employees' Amateur Radio Society (BEARS) also provides communications support to the community as a public service and to the Boeing Emergrency Prepartedness Task Force (EPTF) here in St. Louis. The EPTF is composed of Boeing employees, whose specific skills might be required at the scene of a major emergency.

Field Day occurs annually on the fourth full weekend of June. It begins at 18:00 UTC Saturday and ends at 21:00 UTC Sunday.

The next ARRL Field Day is June 24-25, 2017