2018 Missouri QSO Party Award Sponsors


Missouri Fixed Multi-Op  Available
Missouri Fixed Single-Op HP  Available
Missouri Fixed Single-Op LP  Available
Missouri Fixed Single-Op QRP  Available
Missouri Mobile Single-Op LP  Available
Missouri Mobile Single-Op LP CW Only  Available
Missouri Mobile Single-Op LP SSB-Only  Available
Missouri Mobile Multi-Op (LP)  Available
Missouri Mobile Unlimited  Available
Missouri Expedition  Available
Highest Digital score  Available
Highest Number of Counties  Available
Non-Missouri US Single Operator HP  Available
Non-Missouri US Single Operator LP  Available
Non-Missouri US Single Operator QRP  Available
Non-Missouri US Multi-Op  Available
Non-Missouri Highest Digital score  Available
DX  Available

We need sponsors for 2018 awards shown as Available.

Interested in sponsoring one? Contact the MOQP Awards Coordinator