BEARS-STL Membership Survey

May 2024


Please fill out the survey form and then click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the page.

Ham Radio interests?
What modes do you operate? (Check all that apply)
Other Modes Used:

Do you operate:

Do you use Logbook Of The World (LOTW)?
If BEARS meeting remains on 3rd Wed at 1:00 PM how likely are you to attend?
If BEARS meeting returns to the 3rd Monday at 5:00 PM how likely are you to attend?
If BEARS meeting changes to the 3rd Monday at 4:00 PM how likely are you to attend?
What day(s) of the week work best for you?
If you cannot make it to a Meeting but otherwise available, would you attend virtually?
What meeting programs interest you?
Would you be more likely to attend a meeting if going out for food afterwards?
Have you ever built anything?

If you answered Yes:

What was it?
If the BEARS were to do a club project which would be of interest?
Would you participate in a BEARS Field Day in 2024?
Are You willing to help organize BEARS Field Day 2024?
Current License Class?
How long have you been licensed?
Are you active on the air?
How many radios do you own?
How many work?
Are you going to Dayton Hamvention in 2024?
Years at Boeing?
If retired, years retired?
Is your ARRL Membership current?
Is your BEARS Membership current?