Tell Us Which Missouri Counties You Will Activate for the Missouri QSO Party

Please use this series of forms to let us know which Missouri county or counties you plan to activate for the 2024 Missouri QSO Party.

First, we need some operator information about you or your group and what your operating plans are. Please fill in the information requested below. When you are ready, please click the button marked Pick Saturday Counties.

Alternately, this information may be sent via e-mail (not this form) to Missouri QSO Party County Activation Cordinator.

The information entered here (or sent by e-mail) will be used to update the List of known 2024 County Activations pages.

Operator/Group Information



Club: For clubs or multi-op stations, enter club name or additional op callsigns.


Planned Modes, Power and Category



VHF/UHF Operation: yes no