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Field Day Challenge

The Field Day Challenge is a private competition between Boeing affiliated amateur radio clubs participating in the ARRL annual Field Day event. The object of the Field Day Challenge is to motivate Boeing affiliated clubs to participate in the ARRL annual Field Day event, create a friendly competition and camaraderie between clubs, and to recognize excellence in contesting performance. A single plaque is awarded to the winning club on a revolving basis.



2016 Field Day Challange Results

Club Call Participants Class Section CW Digital Phone QSO's Bonus Points Claimed Points GOTA Station Call
St. Louis
W├śMA 33 3A MO 540 0 658 1198 1190 4666 --
BEARONS W7FLY 12 3A WWA 843 0 182 1025 850 4586 --
BEARS - OKC WB5OKC    6 5A OK 0 0 105 105 550 760 --
BEARS K7NWS 12 2F WWA 0 0 141 141 450 732 --


Rules for the contest are available for download in PDF file format here.

In 2014 the Field Day Challenge overflowed onto another plaque/ Images of both ares shown below. Click on each image for a larger view. 


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